Never have enough time to make the improvements that you know your business needs? No Project is “Too Big” or “Too Small” for the team at B.I.G. and we’re ready, willing and able to help you today!

We specialise in Innovative Solutions for All Business Improvements, and we build them to suit your specific needs that include Professional Consulting and Project Management with Professionals, for anything from Systems, Product or Service Innovations, Creative Marketing Stragetgies to Customsied Staff Training Programs.

So call us now to speak to one of our Consultants about your Improvement Project Goals and we’ll get started on turning your ‘List of things To Do’ into a “List of Achievements’ that will “Help Your Reach Your Business Goals Faster!”

B.I.G. Customised Solutions take an integrated management approach and are designed to increase collaboration, efficiencies, drive higher ROI, improve competitive advantage and ensure long term sustainability for your business. Our solutuions underpineed by many tried and true referenced Master’s & PhD level methodoliges,  Frank Rizzo’s B.I.G 6 E’s ©2019 so it’s not just a half baked idea, based on ‘Jo Blog’s’ experience with no objective evidence to support it.

Our Business Innovation and Improvement Product and Service offering covers all business facets, as per the diagram below. ©2019

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The B.I.G. Integrated model is based on our Frank Rizzo’s MEI own B.I.G 6 E’s Methodology for Achieving Excellence in Innovation © 2019 The six E’s being: Evaluation, Engagement, Enablement, Empowerment, Enhancement, Excellence!  This Methodology can be appliedat all levels and across all divisions of your business, which in return will Drive Positive Results for Higher ROI Fast!

We recently ran a Management & Staff Training Session for a Client in conjuction with an OHS & Lean Manufacturing improvement project, and during that sesison we were able to focus the Team’s collective mind set on a Hazard within their plant, create and apply a risk control package, and also come up with a Solution that reduced the risk of Staff injuries and MSD’s.  In terms of ROI this solution delivereda total time and cost saving of $1.5 Million Dollars per annum! You can sepak to our Client.