About Us



B.I.G. was established with the Vision of delivering Value for Clients by being an Innovative, Dynamic and Creative “One Stop Shop”  for all business innovation and improvement projects, which is supported by our Mission of helping our Clients “Reach Their Business Goals Faster!” while they focus on their core business activities. 

We have a no BS approach and don’t pull any punches, as there are many Consulants out there that will tell you what you want to hear! and that is not what Business Leader want or need when making critical decisions right?

For example;

We provide the resources and expertise to assist Company Directors, Business Owners and their Managers; evaluate opportunities & or challenges, to help remove pain points, attract new business, and increase return on investment (ROI). This may sound simple, but if you’ve ever experienced a sudden downturn, or a change in culture that seems unexplainable; you know what we’re talking about.

Our product & services soltuions may be an external project that provides insight into venor based solutions, or it may be an internal project that includes a simple gap analysis and a review current systems, processes,& procedures,assessement or traing to improve staff capabilities, procedures to increase efficiencies, streamlining processes, improve communications, save time, reduce costs, review contracts, audit compliance and or most importantly ensure you have happy customers! etc. Lots of possiblitiles, hence why we work closely with our Clients and build an aligned Project Scope right from the start!

The B.I.G. Picture!

All our client projects have a focus on your Specific Needs and driving Measurable, Positive Results and Higher Return on Investment (ROI). whevere possible, and sometimes this will pop up in places you won’t expect. E.g. from an OHS Improvement Project!

We have vast network of Highly Qualified, Talented Consultants, Project Managers, Executives and Partners across all industries, that we align to your project requirements to create aligned solutions and implement improvements that will help you foster innovation, boost your current and future business activites in order to achieve your Goals for the project, and on an ongoing basis.

What do we do?

We work closely with Business Owners, Directors, Management & Staff to evaluate your current business state and align that to your desired stats, goalsetc..  We then develop strong business innovation and improvement strategies and plans that determine the best way forward, to help you achieve your goals and ensure success! We can also assit with implementation of required.

We provide Innovative business improvement products and service solutions to suit your requirements with value up-front, advantages and tangible benefits by sharing our knowledge and know how of the best business methodologies, insights into the latest technologies and by facilitating access to the right People for the job at hand.

How do we do it?

We spend the neccessary time with you to gain a strong understanding of your business, industry and market, clientelle and the key eople involved, along with your desired outcomes. We then set Clear Expectations, Success Criteria, SMART Objectives and easy to follw actions!

We also ensure that you don’t get distracted by menial project tasks that take you away from your core business, which saves your valuable time and reduces unecessary stress.

Our team stay in tune with industry developments and trends and leverage that to help you differentiate in your field and wherever possible, and leverage available grants or vendor funding to financially support your business improvement projects.

We manage projects and timelines, and focus on delivering positive results as quickly as possible!

Our “Success” is based on helping our Clients free up valuable time by having our Team running the improvement projects that assist our Clients concentrate on what they do best, while we complete task and projects to change their ‘To Do List’ into a ‘List of Achievements”

Who do we do work for?

B.I.G Consulting & Project Management Product & Service Solutions cater for All types of Businesses and across All Industries, from Medium & Small Businesses, to Large Corporates, Government Departments and Agencies throughout Australia, the Asia Pacific Region and across the Globe. 

Why do we do, what we do?

Our People are Passionate and Specialists in their chosen field of Business, and really enjoy applying their skills sharing their knowledge and to help our Clients drive positive results!

We often see Clients get distracted with menial business tasks and internal projects that causes them a lot of stress and ultimately takes them away from their Core Business Activities – which results in more stress due to lost time and also most often profit losses! These losses may not pop up until six months down the track.

Most importanly, we really enjoy helping our clients get back to the real reason of ‘why they went into business in the beginning?’ and ‘getting to do what they actually enjoy doing within their business!’. The positive flow on effects of this alone are amazing to see.

We take great pride in deliveing on what we promise and seeing our Clients highly satisfied with the service our team provides and the outcomes our projects deliver,  this is truly a strong source of ongoing motivation for our Team.

Our aim is to Partner with our Clients for the long term, so having shared values, commitment, and honest, open communication channels is important to us, in order to ensure we build strong business relationships that are mutually benefitial.

How do you get us working for you?

If you find yourself thinking “This sounds like me” or you see it happening to others, Don’t wait until it’s too late, Take Action NOW! & please feel free to ask our Clients, as they are our Best Marketing & Sales Team Members!

Send us a quick message via the ‘Enquiries’ box or Call 1300 28 27 28 and we’ll book you in for a No obligations, Business Health Check Consultation asap!

“Thanks for taking the time to explore our offering, we look forward to hearin about your business project and hopefully get the chance to work with you soon” – Frank Rizzo MEI | MD & Principal Consultant.

B.I.G. NEWS! We are now an Independant – WorkSafe Approved Consultancy for the ‘OHS Essentials Program! that offers Confidential & Fully Funded OHS Consultancy Sessions!

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