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B.I.G. is an Innovative Business Consultancy, Project Management & Joint Venture Group, that evaluates your core business needs, develops innovations, aligns
solutions to support & most importantly, ensures you take action to implement improvements, which eliminate pain points & drive positive results for better
Competitive Advantage, Overall Business/Staff Wellbeing, Customer Satisfaction, Compliance, Higher Return On Investment & Profits!

During many of our Client Consultation Sessions we’re often asked questions about Adequate Supervision,
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) Job Safety Assessments JSA’s, & Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS’s) for High Risk Work.


What are SWMS’s?

When should we use them?

Does the Contractor need to supply one & should we be included in discussion on job planning?

Whats the difference between a JSA & SWMS?

& most importantly; How do we fill in the SWMS & use them effectively?

To help answer these questions and get you started on the right track we have provided an Example that you can download and utilise in your business.

This is a useful example for Risk Reduction whether you’re the Tradesman completing the High Risk Work, or the Business having work completed on your site.

You can also apply this model to your Job Safety Assessment for internal Business activities & utilise it as an SOP to reduce risk or increase efficiencies!

We have pre-filled sections with tips & pointers included so that you can clearly see how to fill in each section and most importantly how to complete the Risk Assessment for each activity. The main tip here being is that WorkSafe do not like seeing profiled Risk Assessment Sections as that is Site, Day and time Specific & can be affected by slight changes in weather for example.

You can also Purchase SWSM’s Forms from our ‘Online Shop’ to help Fast track your Business activities & improve OHS Compliance! Word Format & Editable for you to customise.

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance or guidance with these types of Business & OHS Management Systems, Processes & Procedures. You may even be eligible for a Fully Funded Program worth up to $2500!






Click HERE for more information or HERE to APPLY. It only takes a minute & we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours to book a convenient time to meet & discuss
your business needs in more detail! If these or any other topics are distracting you from your core business activities and making profit, contact us now! and we’ll get the job
done and free up your time! The B.I.G. Team and I look forward to working with you on your next Business Improvement Project!

Kind Regards, Frank Rizzo MEI. | MD./Principal Business & Innovation Consultant.

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We save valuable time for our Clients by being a single point of contact for
professional product and service solutions that “Help You Reach Your Goals
Faster!” We cater for businesses of all sizes and across all industries, from
Start-Ups & SME’s to Large Enterprise & Government Departments.

B.I.G. has a vast Global Network of Business Executives spanning all industry
verticals, that collaborate to deliver Value for our Clients by analysing core
business needs, creating and implementing business improvement plans, while
you concentrate on what you do best.


B.I.G. Innovative Business Improvement Solutions are tailored to increase
efficiencies, drive higher ROI, improve competitive advantage , ensure long term
sustainability and suit your budget!. Our Consulting, Project management, Advisory,
Auditing & Training Products & Services forms our customised B.I.G Integrated
Management Approach. © which supports comprehensive improvement initiatives,
that cover all types of business needs such as;

Industry, Systems, Product & Service Innovations, Business Strategy Development
& Planning Integrated Leadership, Management & Team Development/Training,
OHS/WHS Management Audits, Consulting Advisory & Action
Planning/Implementation, Operations, Supply Chain & Procurement Reviews

Marketing, Corporate Branding, Design, Signage & Promotions, Human Resources,
Learning & Development Programs, Sales, Business Development & Customer
Service Programs, Joint Ventures, Mergers, Acquisitions, Exits & Funding,
Information Communication & Technology Systems

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Interest Welcomed –
Global Rail Safety

The Team at B.I.G. are always working on various industry improvement
initiatives for our clients and we are currently looking for engineering & steel
supply partners for an exciting Global Rail Innovation Project, that will improve
rail travel safety and ultimately save lives! To express your interest please submit
a request via the ‘Enquiries’ box or Call 1300 28 27 28 now and one of our
Consultants will book a meeting with you as soon as possible.

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