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Does your Business Meet Current OHS/WHS State Legislation Obligations?

WorkSafe Conducts 40,000+ Workplace inspections per annum! 
Does your Workplace meet current Legislation Obligations?

.I.G. is an Independent WorkSafe Approved Consultancy for the‘OHS Essentials Program’ (Vic)

Strategy + Action = Results!

B.I.G. offers customised solutions for End to End Operations Improvement Solutions including Leadership & Management, OHS/WHS, HR, Marketing, Finance, & Operations innovation initiatives to suit your needs, goals, & budget to help increase efficiencies and drive positive results for a Safer Workplace. We reference the relevant Legistaltion, Regulations Compliance Codes & Standards to ensure compliance & help manage prompt implementation of actions that drive required outcomes, which gives Directors/Management peace of mind that their OHS Legal Responsibilities are being met and recorded, while they focus on their key business objectives and day to day tasks.

Our Nation Wide OHS/WHS Team can assist with Confidential Advisory, Consulting & Project Management for WorkSafeImprveent Notices, OHSMS Audits, Incident reports, Root cause analysis, Action plan development & Implementation, Staff Training, Return to work intitiaves & much more. Often staff may be afraid to report Hazards & OHS issues and this is where Consultants can help Directors & Managers with creating better communication channels to obtain the correct information needed to develop strategy & take action as required and “so far as resonably practicable” as outlined within the Act & Regulations.

More Special Offers:

  1. OHS/WHS 5 Step Management System & Manual from $2500
  2. Monthly or Quarterly OHS Consulting & Management Programs from $550 per session.
  3. Automated OHS/WHS Induction & Sign In Solution, from only $150 per month!
  4. Supply chain & Operations efficiency reviews from $1500
  5. OHS/WHS Compliance Audit & Action plan from $1750
  6. Risk Assessments & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) from $750
  7. Innovation WHS/OHS & Team Building Training Courses from $1,500
  8. High Risk Licence & Plant Ticket Courses & Refresher Sessions from $95
  9. Safety Signage Assessments & packages from $1000

Reduced Cost Group Offers Also Available!

B.I.G. OHS/WHS, Quality Management, Supply Chain & Operations Services Include:

If your specific need is not on our list of services please send through an
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Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

We also manufacture, supply & install various AS Approved Safety Signs & associated Safety Products, including PPE, Exclusion Zone, Environment Monitoring Equipment to suit your specific needs. Call 1300 28 27 28 or email [email protected] for more information or a Quote.